What we're about

Love God, Love People

If you're looking for a vision statement then Love God, Love People is what we have as a church. This is how Jesus sums up what it's all about in Matt 22:34-40, and if this is how Jesus sums it up then I think that's what we should be all about. 


As a church we want to have a culture that enables God to do what He wants to, to see Kingdom break out in our community. So we want to be a church that is...

God encountering – we want to give God room to speak and people the chance to encounter Him

Life giving – where everyone is, encourage, equip and enable. To have fun, be authentic and real, meeting with Jesus.

Transformational – we want to be expectant and see God changing lives and situations around us and in us.

Disciple making – we want people to come to church but we want people to come to Jesus more. Not attending but being Jesus followers.